First: Historical background

It was established in 1919 by the English army as an officer camp with internal facilities which are still there. Its area is 45 acres with a number of aesthetically planned gardens and trees of different ages symbolizing the historical journey of the institute. Called as permanent scouting camp, it was supervised in 1941 by the general department of physical, military and scouting education. In 1954, it was supervised by Liberation organization, Socialist union and then by Socailist youth organization respectively. In 1968, it was affiliated to youth directorate of Cairo governorate. In 1980, it was co-supervised by the general department of physical, military and scouting education and the supreme council of youth and sports. In 1990, it was supervised by the ministry of higher education and was then renamed the leadership qualification institute. Ever since then, it has offered all the academic year round especially during the summer time cultural courses to university youth, teaching staff members and assistants, and mission students and academic mission members. It is exquisitely located within the vicinity of Helwan university and Elbar Elgharbi area of the underground at the end of Abdallah Basha street. The institute at first didn't look the way it looks now. The students used to live in wooden kiosks in addition to the available space of the villas and some tents as a solution of accommodation problem. Things remained the same until 1996 when the ministry of higher education, after affiliating the institute to it, developed it partly in collaboration with educational buildings agency of the ministry of education.    ​

Second: About the institute​


As an educational, developmental, cultural and research agency, the leadership qualification institute is one of the ministry of higher education units meant to be one of the leading agencies for sustainable human  development at the international, regional and local levels. 


Qualifying cadres of youth leaderships and providing real involvement opportunities in building society through programs, innovative cultural and developmental activities.​


The institute aims to enable participants to realize the following results:

-   Forming a cultural knowledgeable infrastructure in congruity with the age's updates without any ideological moulds and within the framework of activating thought, innovation and free discussion on how to employ knowledge and outcome.

-   Enhancing political and cultural awareness, keeping up with regional and international changes and challenges at the political, economic and cultural levels and highlighting the role of youth in confronting such changes and challenges.

-   Recognizing the nation's issues and problems, discussing the important current issues, exploring development plans and solutions and involving youth in finding new innovative solutions.

-   Experiencing leadership and autonomy roles and skills, opening up opportunities for dialogue, exchange of views and experiences, acceptance of others, and societal involvement.

-   Prioritizing the talented students and researchers and providing opportunities for supporting projects, innovations, research and graduation projects.​

Contact Us:

Address: the end of Abdallah Basha st., Ain Helwan, Helwan Leadership Qualification Institute

Tel: 25553735

Fax: 25553734

Email: Kada_helwan@hotmail.com

Official Facebook Account: https://www.facebook.com/Helwan.leaders/ ​