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Cooperation‎ ‎Protocol‎ ‎between‎ ‎Suez‎ ‎Canal‎ ‎University‎ ‎and‎ ‎Institute‎ ‎for‎ ‎Leadership‎ ‎Qualification

 According to the directives of Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research to consolidate partnerships between all components of the university community for developing students' skills and qualifying them properly for the labor market, Suez Canal University signed a joint cooperation protocol with the Helwan Institute for Leadership Qualification with the aim of developing a joint strategy for a number of youth programs and activities that are meant to create a sound university and community environment, spread concepts of access to information, deepen national belonging, and reject violence and extremism.

 The protocol stipulates the establishment of a center for qualifying leaders within the University of the Suez Canal that will have the pioneering role  for the centers established in the universities of the Suez Canal region and Sinai by holding various cultural seminars and meetings, in addition to establishing a distinguished center to serve people with special needs at the university and the surrounding community to spread the culture of availability and equality.

 The protocol was signed by Dr. Ahmed Zaki, President of Suez Canal University, Dr. Karim Hammam, Director of the Helwan Institute for Leadership Qualification in the presence of Dr. Mohamed Shakedef, Vice President of Suez Canal University for Education and Student Affairs, Professor Hoda Farag, Secretary General of Suez Canal University, and Dr. Mohamed Ghoneim, General Coordinator of Student Activities at the University, Mr. Hamdi Taha, Secretary of the Institute for Leadership Qualification, Mr. Mustafa Kamel, Assistant Secretary of the Institute, and Mr. Tariq Hammad Shaheen, Coordinator of University Affairs at the Institute.

 On the sidelines of the signing of the protocol, an inspection tour was organized within the university including the  university city, Human Resources Development Center, open stadiums, the scouting land, the youth care building, the gymnastic area and the art exhibition.