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Higher Education and Scientific Research: Organizing Practical ‎Training Schools for Egyptian University Students in the City of ‎Scientific Research and Technological Applications

D. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, received a report submitted by Dr. Maha Aldamalawy, Director of the City of Scientific Research and Technological Applications in Burg Al-Arab, on the opening by the city of winter schools for the year 2021 as from February 14-18.

Dr. Maha Aldamalawy indicated that the opening of the school came as a continuation of the joint cooperation between the city and the Egyptian state and private universities regarding the establishment of summer and winter schools for students of practical colleges (engineering, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, science, agriculture).

Aldamalawy added that the school activities are conducted through distance learning with a total of 945 students in disciplines of genetic engineering and biotechnology, pharmaceutical and fermentation industries, artificial intelligence, animal production, statistical analysis and data analysis, air quality monitoring, food industries (functional foods).

The school is organized to contribute effectively to upgrading students' skills by making them keep pace with the technical development and linking them to the local and international labor market. The schools consist of two parts: the first part, theoretical lectures, and the other one, practical experiments. The theoretical part is conducted through lectures in the form of a video, and the practical one is presented by the photographing by the researchers in the city of a simulation of the actual experience inside laboratories. At the end of the course, an examination is held to assess the students 'understanding.

The city is seeking to maintain its role in community service and environmental development by providing training courses twice during the academic year; first, winter schools are held during the mid-year vacation, and then summer schools during the summer vacation.